The brothers Raffaele and Giuseppe Salmaso arrive to Venice in the 1951 from Saonara, in province of Padova, their city born. They manage a small eatery - named “bacaro” in Italian language, from the name “Ancient Verona wine cellars” – in a charming position on the “Fondamenta delle Ostreghe”
Once their respective ones wives, Tosca and Savina, reached Venice, the Salmaso family rename the premise calling it “Ristorante da Raffaele”, and from that very moment until now it is a point of reference in the city and to the overseas customers. In the years many have been the hosts of the restaurant, including artists, writers, actors and world-famous singers. The familiar tradition to the service of the tourism is today composed by the mothers Tosca and Savina and their sons, Renato, Giovanna, Stefania and Andrea, which personally manage which personally manage the fine Hotel Ala in the centre of the city and the romantic Hotel "Pensione Accademia".

The Raffaele’s Restaurant proposes typical traditional veneta and Italian plates with particular predilection to the chef’s Venetian kitchen speciality. The two banquet hall and the splendid balcony along the "Fondamenta delle Ostreghe" accommodates until 230 persons. Eating on the balcony, along the bank of the canal, the charming Venetian atmosphere is savoured, listening to the serenade ones on the gondolas. A particular characteristic is inside the restaurant, the “Crews hall”, name coming from the rare exposure of an incredible collection of ancient crews and ancient tools. The cold winter days are warmed by the beautiful fireplace, the “at sight” brick wall and the warming welcome of Salmaso family.

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